//What do we see trending in the US Markets in 2021?

What do we see trending in the US Markets in 2021?

It’s 2021 and we are off to races with an incredible momentum that’s carried over from last year. With elections finally behind us and January in the books the pipeline has not looked better.

While 2020 was a write off for many and the pandemic put dampers on a lot, we are still grateful for all that has and is being done to control the virus.

US markets have not seen this type of volatility in some time and it has really been exciting to see some of our clients take that and convert it into positive returns in 2020. Our hedge fund clients continue their plans to make strategic hires across Discretionary and Quant/Systematic strategies in Fixed Income and Equities. Commodities has also seen a bit of a resurgence with alternative energy, precious/base metals taking the lead. Credit has been an asset class that in our mind has taken the lead as a growth area for a lot of “multi-strat” and smaller funds. Majority of our clients have shown interest in building out “Systematic Credit” an area that has alluded a lot of folks as it can be very data intensive with current systems, models, and infrastructure not ready to support that level of Data. Mortgages as a product has also been very lucrative for a few on the buy side that have had teams giving double digit returns on their portfolios.

Furthermore, all volatility strategies remain of interest and the demand for strong Quant Researchers, Developers and Data Scientists continues to grow. We feel it’s a candidate driven market and if presented to the right people in the right form all firms hiring would put their best foot forward.

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