//Human Capital Detective’s on the Case!

Human Capital Detective’s on the Case!

Haley Li, Candidate Manager – Sydney


Haley Li is a human capital ‘detective’ for Tardis Group, her mandate is to dig deep to proactively find new candidates for wide ranging banking and finance roles. Usually Haley’s contact with professionals takes them by surprise, opening their eyes to potential new and exciting career growth opportunities.

Working throughout Australia, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore and Taiwan, language is no barrier for Haley. In an instant, she can switch from speaking English to Mandarin, and this puts her ahead in the competitive international HR game. She’s well qualified too – holding a Master of Commerce from the University of Sydney, majoring in HR and Marketing.

Haley’s been with Tardis Group for two years. Her tenure began with an internship with the Sydney team which has helped her springboard into her important talent acquisition research work.

‘It requires a lot of motivation and the strong spirit of a self-starter,’ she said.

‘I’m cold-calling and not everyone likes to do that, but everyone has a story and I find it interesting to listen to their experiences. I learn from them, while at the same time, I may be able to help them progress their own careers. That is why I think this job is very meaningful, I always feel that I am helping people.’

‘Candidates are open to good platforms to help them grow their career and business opportunities –it is usually more about stability and growth – they approach opportunities with a long-term perspective.’

Haley sees the spotlight continuing to shine on improving gender equity, which equates to hiring females in the banking and finance sector. There is also strong demand for quantitative technical professionals throughout multiple countries and areas.

‘Technology is booming in the banking area, many firms are going online and there’s increasing need for technical professionals – employers are paying close attention to this skill set,’ she said.

Haley digs deep to find potential candidates, researching through the internet and LinkedIn, but also through traditional means and keeping across who’s who in the industry.

‘This is exactly what I wanted to do,’ she said. ‘I’m helping to place the right people in the right positions – something really meaningful and fulfilling.’

‘I am working towards becoming a consultant here, because that’ll allow me to work with the customer as well as the candidates. That’s my goal.’

‘Tardis has a very friendly environment. Every colleague here is helpful and supportive. We really appreciate teamwork and we all help each other.’

Haley was born and raised in Beijing, her father is a Korean chef and she lived in the US and Australia for her studies. She’s now a permanent resident in her second home, Australia. She enjoys keeping active and fit, and like her father, enjoys a good cook-up too!

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