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 As a recruiter, one of the biggest frustrations is when clients are so narrow in their focus of what makes a great candidate. They want to hire “like for like “preferring to stick to the rigid lines of the box.

True diversity is to harness the voice of many. Not just representing the labels of our lives but true diversity is a collective, capturing an eclectic mix of experiences, gifts and abilities.

It’s when we look at people for who they are created to be.

I’m delighted to announce that we are practicing what we preach, and I welcome our newest addition to the Tardis Diversity team, Bronwyn Maddocks.

Bronwyn, a banker with over thirty years’ experience across Financial Markets. A proud mother to four adult sons.

“Bronwyn, I applaud you for taking the risk, having the courage to play bigger. To vest your gift, talents and experience to accelerate change for our clients, to help create a better world. I believe we are individually gifted but collectively we are better. I’m excited to do this with you.”

To radically transform businesses and to harness the power of true diversity, it’s not enough to look just for a different label for the same box.  We need to draw from outside the box.

To get to where we need to be we need to be bold and embrace new ways of doing things.

We are committed to partnering with our clients to deliver on their promise to their people, their most valuable resource, to value and focus on their talents and to promote personal and professional growth.  A win-win in a constantly evolving world of work.

This is at the heart of ReCapture.

We are building return to work programs that connect into untapped talent pools. Effectively we are operating outside the box, drawing on different industries, transferable skills, strengths and life experience to harness the true power of diversity. We are not looking at “like for like.”

Unleashing lawyers, technologists,  accountants, bankers and other professionals into new spaces where their strengths are maximised. 

This is cutting edge.

It’s risky business.

But what if I told you we could de-risk this?

Because it’s not enough to draw from outside the box, we must support it for it to thrive. For everyone to win.

Supporting ReCapture is a tailored strength based coaching program, helping unleash potential by identifying unique strengths and talents and exploring how it applies to business objectives.

Fundamentally we are turning the recruitment model upside down.

It’s time someone did.

If you are interested in hearing more, please contact us at diversity@tardis-group.com

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