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At Tardis Group, we believe our greatest asset is our people – a growing collective of exceptional recruitment specialists who bring their unique expertise, personality and influence to mobilise talent globally across seven pivotal locations Sydney, New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Perth & Singapore.

Travel with us on our ‘Inside Tardis’ series as we introduce you to our Managing Directors across the globe whose vision and passion drive the kind of thriving culture well-loved here at Tardis.


Born and raised on the Isle of Barra, a remote small Island of the West Coast of Scotland with a population of 1200, Neil MacLean moved to London in 1985 where he co-founded Tardis Group four years on. In 2000, as part of Tardis’ global expansion and ever-increasing client demands in Asia, Neil relocated to Australia where he has been based ever since.

Neil’s passion to empower the next generation of leaders in the field motivates him to create a supportive culture at Tardis that encourages curiosity, ambition, ownership and authenticity.

“We encourage and train our consultants to ask questions, and then follow that up with MORE questions, and often the last question and “one more thing” at the end of a long process of questioning ends up being the key that leads us all to the solution.”

Neil believes a healthy organisational environment is one that releases its people to own and steer their own mission. As such, Tardis offers flexibility and autonomy, allowing his global staff to work in the most effective way that brings out their unique talent and experience.

“The kinds of people who thrive within our culture are almost entrepreneurial in nature, passionate about their vision, with a strong sense of discipline and a natural people intuition.”

With the recruitment market going through technological innovation, the job market has increasingly evolved into a process that is almost robotic in nature. “Quality candidates get lost in the masses, and whilst clients are often bombarded with a high quantity of candidates, most don’t meet the specificity of the client’s mandate” says Neil, “here at Tardis, we labour to build strong personal relationships that provide targeted solutions”.

It is this culture that has allowed Tardis to become a trusted name in the recruitment industry, connecting talent to organisations that boast a stick rate of over 90%. Well established in the Finance and IT recruitment markets, Tardis continues to build a reputation for excellence globally across the Healthcare, Commerce and Legal industries.


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