//Tardis’ Valedictorian calls ‘Grit’ the Key to Success

Tardis’ Valedictorian calls ‘Grit’ the Key to Success

Megan Ngo –  Consultant – Mining, Resources and Energy

Tardis Group’s Megan Ngo graduated this week as the Valedictorian for her Bachelor of Commerce cohort at the University of Western Australia.

Megan majored in Marketing and HR, addressed her fellow graduates, outlining the importance of grit which is a passion and resilience towards goals. As throughout her degree she had juggled numerous roles and wore different hats.

She explained, “We are all striving for different things, whether it is to be a researcher, an accountant or even just a friend. As we are all on our own journey to achieve something”.

A year ago, she was tasked with establishing the human capital firm’s industrial division, building up its core Mining, Resources and Energy business in Perth. Her role has involved meeting with clients and candidates from many engineering disciplines.

‘I am an executive head hunter by day and a student by night.’

‘It’s taken grit and determination, but without the help of Tardis’s global team, I wouldn’t be here today. Tardis Group has supported me throughout the past 12 months.

‘Everyone’s journey in life is like a hurdles race with obstacles to overcome in order to achieve the outcomes that we desire.’

‘We’re helping organisations build their teams by casting a wide net to find those who best fit with the hiring company in terms of its culture and their experiences and passions,’ she said.

‘It’s truly rewarding work.’

Megan describes graduation like a weight being lifted off her shoulders, as she believes that she is now moving onto the next chapter in her life.

‘When I started working, I was still a student and I was able to finish my degree while having the flexibility to go to classes, do exams and finish assignments.

‘I think that’s pretty rare for an employer to give a student an opportunity like that – I’m grateful.’


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