//Quest for the Best as Financiers up the Trade Race

Quest for the Best as Financiers up the Trade Race

Ethan Sumich – Consultant, Financial Technology, South-East Asia & Australia

Global financiers and hedge funds are increasingly turning to complex computer math and statistical algorithms to trade larger volumes of transactions faster and more efficiently.

To grow these systematic trading platforms – which complement more traditional buying methods – they need genius mathematicians and statisticians, with advanced software skills. Most will have PhD qualifications.

These experts are rare, according to Tardis Group’s Consultant for Financial Technology (South-East Asia and Australia), Ethan Sumich, whose role involves finding them.

‘It’s niche work that’s done by using complex algorithms on high performance computers to execute trading strategies on global markets,’ he said.

‘The challenge for me is locating these professionals and then educating them that there’s an industry within finance seeking people of their calibre.

‘With the right professionals, institutions can trade faster, more efficiently and at much higher volumes, thereby generating more profit. The big financiers still have traditional trading floors, but they’ve also introduced divisions to experiment with new techniques. Some firms now exclusively use the systematic techniques.’

Ethan talks to potential candidates all over the globe in his quest to fill placements in Singapore, where companies will generally fund their relocation.

‘If you are a talented software developer with experience in those areas, you could go to Singapore and secure a high paying role straight away,’ he said.

‘This industry is already well established in New York (the epi-centre) and Europe, but it’s now growing throughout South East Asia and Australia too.

‘If I can establish myself as a go to for this niche market in Singapore then I’ll be very happy.

‘I want to be a reliable and consistent point of contact for my clients sourcing the right people for their companies.

‘Tardis Group is an international business, with an international database, so, if you’re in finance and you want to move into any financial hub, anywhere in the entire world, we’ve got it covered.’

Ethan Sumich studied a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Western Australia. He worked in sales for Optus before joining Tardis Group.


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