//Pharma Job Market, Hot or Cold? Actually Both!

Pharma Job Market, Hot or Cold? Actually Both!

Anyone outside of the Pharmaceutical industry can be forgiven for thinking that the world of health must be booming right now, and certainly in some areas it is, but the race for a vaccine for Covid-19 has inadvertently caused sharp declines in other areas within this sector.

Earlier this year, in March, all non-urgent elective surgeries were halted to ensure adequate hospital capacity. Furthermore many pharma companies paused their ongoing clinical trials to focus on Covid-19 drug development.

In Australia hospitals and laboratories underwent drastic change as a preparation for the predicted influx of Covid patients. We can be thankful that the worst case scenario didn’t play out, in fact Australia has performed remarkably well in the prevention of virus spread. However from a jobs perspective, it has caused a grey cloud and incredible confusion around the entire Health sector.

Here is a quick list of what dropped and what has increased as a result of the turmoil in 2020: 


  • Pharmacy’s sales dropped due to less patients visits 
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical devices for aesthetic products dropped as elective surgeries were put on hold
  • CRO business due to affected clinical trials
  • Pharmaceutical sales
  • Permanent jobs
  • Sales jobs


  • Healthcare Consumables (gloves, PPE, mask, hygiene products) skyrocketed and will continue to grow during next year 
  • Medical Equipment – ventilator, pacemaker, etc.
  • Digital Marketer
  • Nursing jobs
  • Contract jobs
  • MSL related jobs / Scientist 

So what do we expect to see in 2021?

Well we expect Contract Research Organization’s (CRO’s) to grow and hire more clinical professionals, we expect the Aesthetic business to grow and we also expect to see more hiring in the Healthcare Consumables markets.

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