Are you someone looking to transition careers and not sure how to leverage your experience? Or are you thinking about exploring opportunities or just ready for a change?

Partnering with a trusted recruiter might be the difference between securing your dream job or settling.

The world of work is constantly evolving, and it can often be tedious and confusing for jobseekers to navigate its waters on their way to finding their place within it. With a plethora of different job boards and sites advertising online, it’s no wonder standing out from the crowds of applicants and organisations bidding for talent is daunting.

Here are four ways recruiters can be invaluable to YOU:

1. Specialists

A recruitment agency’s sole job is just that – RECRUITMENT. This means all day, every day, they are focussing their resources, time and talent towards knowing the career opportunities available in their specialised industry. They have their finger on the pulse, and often have decades of relationships in the business to know exactly which companies are great to work for, and where you would fit. They see the bigger picture and are able to understand the nuances that don’t translate on paper.

2. Trusted

Why be one of the thousands in the market out there, when you can skip the queue and have someone trusted connect you directly to companies! Recruiters make it a point to build long-standing relationships with their clients, they are trusted by companies that partner with them which places incredible weight on the recommendations they provide – giving you a leg up from the competition.

3. Insider Knowledge

Did you know that 85% of available jobs are never advertised? This means that whilst you may be spending every waking moment trawling all the job seeking sites out there, you are only accessing the tip of the iceberg in potential options.

Recruiters work on the inside track, they have intimate insight what plans are on the horizon. Recruiters utilise their expansive network to reign in the right options for you by proactively taking your details to the market.

4. Career Longevity

Outstanding recruiters work hard to establish a trustworthy reputation. This means, they are highly motivated to ensure an employee-employer partnership where both parties will thrive. They are looking at your career future for the long haul. Their goal is not to get you into just any old job but are passionate about working closely with both candidates and companies to ensure an excellent fit.

At Tardis Group, our collective group of specialist consultants have expertise focussed in nine different markets across London, Sydney, Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong, Perth and most recently Singapore. We operate with over 30 years of experience both in Executive Search and Recruitment and partner with our clients to deliver creative talent solutions.

It’s our job to care about your future.

So, if you’re thinking about finding a new role, contact or call +612 8252 8888 a confidential chat with one of our consultants to discuss your options.

The future of work is bright, let us help you discover it.


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