//Inside Tardis: Meet Phebe Cho, Managing Director Perth & Singapore, Head of Diversity.

We  believe our greatest asset is our people – a growing collective of exceptional recruitment specialists who bring their unique expertise, personality and influence to mobilise talent globally across seven pivotal locations Sydney, New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Perth & Singapore.

Travel with us on our  ‘Inside Tardis’ series as we introduce you to our Managing Directors across the globe whose vision and passion drive the kind of thriving culture well-loved here at Tardis.


In this week’s edition of “Inside Tardis”, I sit down with Phebe Cho, Managing Director of Perth & Singapore, and the Head of Diversity.

Phebe is a visionary leader, passionate about creating a work place culture that cultivates human potential, inspiring people to bring their best selves to the table. After stepping off the recruitment consultant timeline to pursue her own venture, Phebe joined Tardis with a renewed sense of vision and passion for how the workplace should be.

“When I came on board with Tardis, I was encouraged to bring all of my vision and experience to create something new in this space. It is the type of business that draws out your creativity and ideas, and allows them room to grow. I came in passionate about diversity, and am now driving this space globally through our organisation.”

Phebe believes that a thriving workplace creates a space for everyone to contribute their unique story, perspective and ideas.

“There is so much to learn from each person’s story and experience, and I believe we need to listen to what they say and what they bring to the table – we may just find ideas better than our own that could take our organisation forward into the kind of future we want to see.”

With a long history in the recruitment industry, Phebe has seen both the good and bad of workplace culture, and is highly intentional about the kind of environment and people she works with in Tardis.

“We value people with the boldness to dream the impossible and execute on those dreams. Those with the humility to be teachable, the hunger to learn and grow together on the journey, and the smarts to device strategies to achieve what they see”

Tardis’ Perth arm in particular is in the unique position to build global relationships, sharing its time zone with 60 per cent of the world’s population in the emerging economies of Asia, and in many ways it has become a launching ground for new initiatives taking flight.

“I’m excited for what we are doing in Perth. The markets we are exploring are untouched markets, and with our ability to build strong international relationships, there is an opportunity to mobilise people across a broad spectrum of time zones. We are also the hub for our global diversity practice, and are working with Asia and Australia to put into action strategies for effective movement across organisations we partner with.”

Tardis has notably worked with key financial institutions to showcase the value of diversity in their organisations, and continues to push the envelope on establishing pathways for a wider demographic of people in executive level leadership across every industry.

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