//Inside Tardis: Meet Chris Parker, Managing Director Tokyo & Global Markets: Equities

We believe our greatest asset is our people – a growing collective of exceptional recruitment specialists who bring their unique expertise, personality and influence to mobilise talent globally across seven pivotal locations Sydney, New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Perth & Singapore.

Travel with us on our ‘Inside Tardis’ series as we introduce you to our Managing Directors across the globe whose vision and passion drive the kind of thriving culture well-loved here at Tardis. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Chris Parker oversees the Equities markets for Japan, along with the daily running of Tardis’ Japan office. He has an immense heart for the people and culture of Japan.

“Japan is the third largest economy in the world, and from a service point of view is one, if not the best, at efficiency – easy access to a large variety of options and if you’re promised something, that service is delivered efficiently. Crime rate here is also close to non-existent, compared to other developed countries”

With a small niche company like Tardis, there is a huge opportunity to take on jobs with high levels of responsibility and exposure to clients.

“The right person with the right fit into our culture could in effect be running a desk right from the start, and those within our company who relocate to one of our many global locations, may be able to take their market with them – most recruitment companies wouldn’t let you do that”

Tardis Japan currently comprises of seven staff, and though small has a strong team dynamic. Chris values building a culture with a high level of trust and flexibility – one with no micromanagement and with a strong sense of autonomy. “These are core values of Tardis – independence, self-leadership and a driven nature towards achieving more. Our staff thrive because they know they are trusted and supported to bring their best selves to their work.”

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