//Everyone Matters

Everyone Matters

By Phebe Cho, Head of Diversity

For years, diversity has been on your agenda.

You have done the right things; championed the cause, fought for budget, implemented targets, assigned headcount, redesigned processes to help you create a more diverse workforce.

Yet, something is amiss.

Why does it feel like we have stagnated? 

On the outside your workforce is one step closer to being more diverse, however,  you have yet to harness its true power.

It turns out, inclusion is the where the magic happens. It turns diversity into a competitive advantage, unlocking human potential.

So, what you ask yourself is inclusion?

For many it is about fostering the sense of belonging, creating spaces where we feel welcomed, respected and valued.

I couldn’t agree more but I would like to take this one step further.

Okay, stay with me.

I have this crazy idea that; Human beings are designed to grow.

We start life as jumping jellybeans and are transforming throughout our lives. Somehow… when we enter the world of work, growth is often stagnant.

Stay with me… surely to build inclusive cultures, organisations must factor growth into the inclusion equation.

So then, inclusion is creating space for human flourishing.

A culture that everyone matters.

It is not about the labels we wear on the outside but capturing the unique voice we bring, cultivating the potential within us, creating value for our teams, businesses and customers.

So how do we do this?

Now for game changer… diversity is easy to measure. You have clear metrics. You can measure what you see; and make strategies towards driving outcomes.

But how do you measure and drive inclusion? The intangible, the experience and perceptions of your people?

I’m excited to share that we’ve been working on developing an Inclusion Index, a diagnostic tool to help you measure inclusion within business.

It evaluates and monitors individuals’ perceptions and experiences measuring how they contribute, connect, build community and grow at work.

Our framework helps you make educated data-based decisions. Armed with this, we can help you pinpoint your efforts to where it counts, co-creating solutions to help every individual unlock their potential.

If you are ready to take the next step in your D&I journey and you want to capture the hearts and minds of your diverse workforce then I urge you, start by asking them.

Let’s work together for transformational change, co-creating strategies driven by data accelerating inclusion.

2020, it’s time we recognise everyone matters.


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