//Daisuke Takes Tokyo Legal Team into New Territory

Daisuke Takes Tokyo Legal Team into New Territory

Daisuke Sakagami – Director of Legal, Compliance & IP recruitment, Japan

Tardis Group in Tokyo welcomes Daisuke Sakagami to its team as a specialist HR provider across the Legal, Compliance and Intellectual Property fields.

He brings with him a large network of candidates and a well-established, loyal client base. After only days in his new role, he’s already screening candidates for a Head of Legal role for a pharmaceutical company; a second-in-charge legal manager for a global Japanese-based electronic device firm; and, an unique Government/Corporate Affairs advisory role within the IT industry.

‘Tardis is offering me complete freedom and autonomy in serving clients and candidates as I see fit in order to maximize the benefits to provide these our customers with’ he said.

‘There’s no politics and inefficient regulations regarding who you serve, which enables us to avoid inflicting the customers a loss.’

‘Tardis has been growing its presence in Tokyo and while we’ve been specialising mainly in banking and finance, we’ve been reaching out into non-banking sectors, including now, legal and compliance.

‘My aim is to build a team to serve that field through Tardis Group.’

Daisuke was born in Japan, he studied in Los Angeles and has worked in recruitment in Tokyo ever since for over a decade.

Initially he recruited for finance and accounting roles in commercial industry, but later switched to legal and compliance.

‘When I started in these sectors, the biggest challenge was around becoming familiar with the legal profession. I didn’t have a network of candidates and I had to find new clients, new roles to fill – I was starting from scratch,’ Daisuke said.

‘Meeting people steadily and improving my familiarity on how in-house legal works and what the sector requires were definitely the key to building my business while having no mentor for legal recruitment at the time. It was obviously time and energy consuming work but it turned out to help building great relationship with the legal professionals in Japan as my previous asset in the end.’

‘Although I have the benefit of 15 years’ recruiting and career consulting experiences behind me, I don’t pushing myself learning new things everyday for even better and better services to provide my customers with.’


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