//Building a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance. That seemingly elusive sweet spot where everything in your life works in harmony with each other.

Statistics show that 67% of employers feel employees have a balance work-life, but only 45% of employees agree. What is it that is fuelling this gap in perception, and is work-life balance truly achievable?

Our answer is YES, but only if – as employers – we change the way we see our people, and take the time to listen to their needs.

At Tardis, we believe that agility and flexibility are key to bringing out the best in our people. We believe that work is a part of who we are, that human beings achieve their best when their WHOLE lives are thriving. As such, we strive to listen to our people and what they most need to be their best selves at work – After all, if we are hiring them because of their unique abilities, then we want to be flexible enough to provide unique working conditions that can support their strengths and capabilities.

Hear from two of our employees on how we are supporting them:

Remote work option that encourages work-family balance

Airi Sedgman is the director of HR and Operations Recruitment and has worked for Tardis for over 13 years, starting out as a full time recruiter at our Sydney location and eventually transitioning to a flexible work arrangement.

“Late last year, I needed to move to Sunshine Coast for family reasons. With no office located there, I would have not been able to continue my work with Tardis Group, instead they adjusted my work conditions to allow for me to work remotely from the Sunshine Coast and at the hours I needed – as long as I continued to deliver of course”, says Airi.

Seven years back, Airi also experienced the same flexibility when she had kids.

“What I value about Tardis’ work environment is how much freedom they extend to you, as long as you know what you want, remain focus and high achieving, the company works around you to bring out your best. They are genuine people who don’t just care for what you produce, but for every other part of your life.”

The challenges of remote work can often be a sense of isolation due to the marked decrease in physical contact with your colleagues – as the saying goes “out of sight, out of mind”. Airi speaks to this challenge:

“The team I work with are welcoming and inclusive, but I am also proactive in making sure I remain connected to relevant information and actively participate conversations.”

Reflecting on the past year, Airi is grateful and appreciative of the way Tardis embodies creativity when it comes to work-life integration, always thinking outside the box to ensure they value their employees.

“Even though I’m working remotely and flexibily, I still feel part of the team – there strong value and support for what I bring to the table. I definitely feel like the vision I had for my family and work balance has been achieved thanks to Tardis.”


Hours that supports work-studies balance

“I was looking for a job that I would enjoy, that I could commit to whilst still finishing up my degree. Tardis offered me that” says Megan Ngo, an Associate overseeing Mining and Resources in Perth, whilst undertaking her final year of university.

“Every day you’re learning something new, testing yourself. It’s not a routine, it’s new challenges, new ways you’re developing and growing” says Megan of the dynamic nature of her job and why she enjoys it.

“I’ve found such a flexible and understanding culture here. It’s a workplace that fosters trust by giving autonomy to run your own desk. I work alongside people who have the same united goal, who give me equal respect – supporting my ideas, and taking the time to offer mentorship throughout the process. I don’t feel like I’m on a lesser playing field working flexibly due to studies.”

A flexible culture can often be mistaken for a loose “anything goes” mentality, when in fact it requires a higher level of communication and planning with employees. Lines of communication need to be kept open between employers and employees. “Tardis Group fosters strong transparency in terms of that is expected of me” says Megan, “The direction we’re heading towards is coherent and clearly communicated”


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